Jun 19, 2010

Wetlands in a City

Book finally out! 3 years. Helped to scribble bits of it :) here is the book below and one of the bits I wrote..

Kek-kek kek-kek kek-kek Koel! Koel! Heads up! You’ve just been welcomed by two of Sungei Buloh’s most vocal residents. A blaze of turquoise and white announces the arrival of a Collared Kingfisher whose kek-kek laughter will accompany you throughout your stay here. High in the foliage a blood-red eye regards you contemptuously. Alas visitors are not of much interest to this male koel. Unimpressed he takes off, complaining in loud glissading tones about the arrival of yet another bunch of crazy unfeathered two-leggers. Don’t jump when the bushes beside you rustle and a Malayan Water Monitor emerges to swagger arrogantly across your path. Like every schoolyard bully this fa├žade quickly crumbles when confronted. Such encounters usually end in his undignified scuttle into the surrounding mangroves. Still walk softly. This is no zoo, botanical garden or wildlife park where animals and plants are put on display to await your pleasure. This is Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, one of the few surviving mangrove forests in Singapore and one of the three nature reserves in Singapore. Her residents will show themselves to you at their own pleasure not yours. Be patient. Wait. You will not be disappointed.

Guest of honour at book launch - Long Horn Beetle

(Can see I wasn't paying attention to the real GOH's speech)

Long Horn Beetles also called Longicorns - Characterised (understandably) by extremely long antennae. Large family more than 200 000 members. Larvae bore their way into wood literally carving out a home for themselves. When it comes to old houses/lumbar industries these guys are unfortunately deemed pests for their wood munching habits.

Shows you what kind of crowd I was in.. This guy landed on some lady's head - no screams instead ppl started taking photos.. Later on he err BOed on the a guy's arm and the only reaction he got was for the guy to sigh and and say " This morning I changed my son's diapers now got to clean up after you". Haha in any other crowd I think there would have been alot of squeaks and screams instead :)

Changable Lizard
NOT a chameleon he can turn red if angry or stressed but thats about it. Not a native lizard either. This guy likely made it to Spore on some of the timber lorries . In Sungei Buloh guess they haved learned that there is nothing to fear from the 2 legger giants with the BIG cameras.. This guy was literally hamming it up while we got some super nice close up shots.

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